Speeding Up Typing Tasks with Text Blaze

Do you ever find yourself sending similar emails frequently, filling out the same web form multiple times, or adding the same comments to student assignments over and over again? Wouldn’t it be great if we could have our computers take care of these tedious, time-consuming tasks by entering a simple text command? I have found a tool that can do just that and a lot more.

Text Blaze is a powerful and easy to use expansion tool that can be added to Google Chrome. Its capabilities to streamline and speed up the completion of typing tasks can be used with any other web-based applications for word processing, email, interacting with web forms, or working with any LMS, like Blackboard.

The actual contents that will be inserted into the application you’re working with are called snippets and these can be much more than just quick static text.  Snippet contents may include special inline commands that can customize snippet behavior. Some of these behaviors allow you to use the IF command to change the snippet depending on conditions or utilize the contents of your clipboard within the snippet.  Each snippet is assigned a text shortcut you type to run the snippet.

Text Blaze can also include fields in your snippets that you fill in when you enter your shortcut. Want to include a student’s name in your email template? Just make it a field and it will be repeated throughout the email just how you want it. You can even use fields to trigger dynamic calculations. One of the most powerful pieces of Text Blaze is called Autopilot which allows you to fill out multiple fields on a web form with one snippet using Text Blaze’s simulated tab key presses and you can even simulate clicks on buttons to submit forms. It’s also easy to share your snippets with others. Sharing is great for collaboration and making sure everyone is using the same messaging.

 This YouTube video will introduce you to the basic functionality of Text Blaze.

Tutorials about advanced and in-depth features of Text Blaze can be found on Blaze Today’s YouTube channel. Once you’ve watched some of these quick videos, you’ll start to understand how useful this tool can be. I’m sure you will quickly think of ways it can save you a boatload of time.

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