Sustainable Cities, Climate Action, Life on Land, and Innovation – SDG Spotlight Session #2

List of speakers for SDG Session #1

  • The presenters in this session include:
  • Rebecca Harrington – The SDGs and Student Engagement (3:50​)
  • Barbara Durkin – SDG#9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (9:56​)
  • Farzaneh Soflaei – SDG#11 Sustainable Cities and Communities (25:39​)
  • Wendy Lascell – SDG#13 Climate Action (36:18​)
  • Florian Reyda – SDG#15 Life on Land (45:36​)

We support students by supporting faculty

The following focus areas were developed through the examination of AAC&U’s High Impact Practices together with the mission of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center. Click on each button to see projects we are working on, what we are reading in these spaces, and examples on our own campus.

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